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Bound to the Bodyguard

He’s the man of her dreams. She’s the woman of his nightmares

She’s gorgeous, quirky and hiding secrets. I’m determined, relentless, and will slip under her facade. Working undercover at a honeymoon resort in Kona playing lovers. I’ll know everything about her…

Is Holden Abbot the hottest, broodiest specimen of man to walk the planet? Affirmative
Does his alpha presence have me nervously spilling fun facts? Is Sunday in Senegal wash your sheep at the beach day? Yes, yes it is.
Is our chemistry explosive? Mt. Vesuvius has nothing on us.
I’m out of WITSEC with a new name and an enemy who wants me dead. Keeping five steps ahead of my past means I can’t risk a future.
My heart wants all in, but my head is screaming, run.

Was kissing my colleague before our cover was blown at a honeymoon resort the best decision? Probably not. We may be undercover, but we’re not supposed to get under the covers.
Do I want to know everything about this gorgeous, curvy, secretive woman? Sign me up.
Can we keep our hands off each other? Nope.
When she calls me for help, I’ll do anything to keep her and her one-eyed cat safe.
She doesn’t see a future for us, but I do.
I’ve got to convince the ‘all-out’ girl that we’re both all in.

When the stakes ramp up, and their pasts collide in a shocking explosion of secrets and betrayals, will they risk everything for love or will one walk away to save the one they love?