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Two Weeks to Surrender

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He’s back, hotter than sin, and wants what he can’t have. Her.

After too many years with her controlling father followed by her husband, Savannah Williams is done with men thinking they can control her. In fact, she’s done with men! Even tall, rich, blast-from-her-past Trace Miller, who swaggers his gorgeous butt into her diner just as her sleazy ex demands a loan payment. Sure, he’s hotter than that Duke, richer than God, and makes her heart gallop. So what? She just wants to get on with the Hawaii phase of her long overdue eMANcipation. Trace dispatches her ex with a settlement check, then proposes payback in the form of a two-week masterclass in Relationships. He wants her to show him the good, the bad, the ugly, and the all important how-to-make-it-work. She agrees, with conditions. Two weeks of coaching him through listening skills, patience, compromise, and sharing control—lessons he has no chance of mastering, in her opinion—and she’ll say Aloha with a clear conscience as she flies off for her first taste of freedom and adventure.

Trace is in town for two weeks, tops. Get in, get business done, and get gone. But he crosses a line when he pays off Savannah’s debt to her douche ex. He owes her that, and more, for bailing on her years ago. But proud, stunning, more-stubborn-than-ever Savannah would only be insulted at accepting his money to ease his guilt, so he hatches a plan. If Savannah teaches him a success strategy for the one area of life that eludes him, the debt will be wiped, and he’ll walk away a better man. But he doesn’t count on falling for her listening skills, patience, and sharing control, but he’s suddenly desperate to put in the work, because even butting heads, trading insults, and dancing around their building physical attraction she makes him feel alive for the first time in…years.

One wants a shot at love, one wants freedom. Who will surrender?